Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bún Chả / Thin Rice Noodles with Chargrilled Pork

A Hanoian original, bún chả (boon cha like in chad) combines grilled to order pork patties and sliced pork loin with airy rice noodles in a nước mắm (nook mom) based sauce, enhanced with leafy and stringy veggies. 

How To Eat:
Method 1: Place veggies of your choice into the meat filled bowl of sauce.  With chopsticks, dip some noodles into the sauce.  Bring the noodles up to your mouth with veggies and meat.
Method 2: Place noodles, veggies, and a piece of meat into an empty bowl.  Spoon some sauce into the bowl and chow down.

The best Bun Cha in town is at Quang Sanh (wang san) on 7 Hàn Thuyên (han tween) near Dam Market / Chợ Đầm (chuh dom).

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