Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Date Vietnamese Girls

Vietnamese girls can be quite a challenge to both the uninitiated and the veteran expat. They are the true essence of femininity.

You see, everything that girls do that men find annoying, such as being insecure, jealous, being upset yet not telling you what's wrong, saying no when they mean yes, saying yes when they mean no, telling little white lies, telling some big personal lies, etc...they do this because they are women...because they are feminine. The feminine being is not sure of herself. She is possessive and jealous because that is natural femininity. When a Vietnamese girl gets upset and says she wants to break up, she doesn't mean it. What she wants is for you to hug and kiss her, tell her that you love her, that you want to be with her forever, etc. You can do this a million times and it will work every single time. Is it worth the trouble? Well, it is your destiny that will decide for you.

So how do you go about finding a Vietnamese girl? Well the best way is to say hello while riding a motorbike right next to one, preferably at night when everyone is already on their way to some birthday party, a night of karaoke, or a small get together. Catch them in a good mood and you will get them blushing just by saying "Chào em. Em có khỏe không? Lúc nào em rảnh em muốn đi chơi không?" (Chow em. Em caw queh kong? Look now em rahn, em moon dee choi kong?) That translates to "Hello miss. How are you? When you're free, do you want to hang out?"

Maybe you're into some particular type of girl. Maybe it's a poor girl with little education but is heavy on devotion, loyalty, and submissiveness. So where would you find this kind of gally gal? Some would steer you towards the countryside. Maybe you should take a trip up to the province of Van Ninh where you will find plenty of girls riding their bikes to the market.  Just remember to brush up on your Vietnamese as you won't find many English speakers in the area. 

Perhaps you want an educated college girl.  Nha Trang has a university right in town.  Go to Nguyen Dinh Chieu street where the college is to scout them at icecream (kem) and smoothie (sinh to / "sin tow") joints. 

You know, some of you are not even looking for a girlfriend or a wife but a temporary fling.  Just taking a stroll down Tran Phu st past 8pm and you will get hastled by xe om (seh ohm / hugging bike  taxis) drivers about taking you to meet girls.  If they drive you to a brothel you are lucky.  On the other hand, if they take you to a dark alley, be prepared to part with your money and belongings. 

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